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PC Performance Restoration!  Makes your PC faster than when it was new.  Includes a new super fast solid state hard drive, a complete fresh installation of Windows 10, migration of your data from the old hard drive, and configuration tweaks to ensure your PC is faster than when it was new.  All of the unnecessary junk from Microsoft and from the PC manufacturer is either not installed or turned off.

Includes Virus/Malware/Spyware removal, performance analysis to determine what is slowing down your system, and configuration tweaks to insure your PC is faster than when it was new. 

Desktop and laptop diagnosis. Repair of any hardware problems, including laptop screens. Also inexpensive PC replacement options if repairs will be to intensive. Note we do not repair laptop motherboards, cracks in casing, or broken connectors. Hardware repair on laptops limited to screens and hard drives. 

Remote support for PC's, servers, and Linux systems. 

Cloud systems and strategies for off-site backup, secure file sharing among employees, and secure file sharing with customers. 

Get connected, be secure, and make the best use of your connection. 

Cloud-based voice (voip) systems that will take the sting out of phone prices. 

Your own company email, i.e., that is low-cost, runs on bulletproof cloud services, and has all the features you expect. 

A web site for your company that is modern, mobile friendly, simple yet full-featured, and beautiful. 

Get a speedy fast desktop PC for less than what you pay in a big-box store. Higher quality components, better support, personal service, and no junk software make this the best way to buy a pc.  If you're looking to save even more money, let us help you navigate through the refurbished market options to find a refurbished PC that can give you high-level business reliability for a very low cost. 

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With 33 years of system-building, security, networking, and software experience at your service, your systems are in good hands.  Providing affordable and personalized service, we will help you make sure your data is safe, your PC is fast, and your systems just work so you can work.

PC Repair via Remote

Remote Support

If your PC is functioning well enough to start the connection we can connect over the internet and diagnose and repair Windows problems remotely.